The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Media Refuses to Report Marc Lamont Hill's Support for Anti-Semitic Violence

CNN was forced to fire Marc Lamont Hill after he once again defended anti-Semitic terrorist violence against Jews, before and after the Pittsburgh shootings, and called for an end to Israel, as I discuss in today’s article.

In 2014, Hill had claimed on CNN that the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teens, Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrah,  one of them an American citizen, wasn’t “terrorism”, but “resistance”.

Earlier this year, Hill had insisted that “occupied people have a legal and moral right to defend themselves” and that the idea that Israel has a “right to exist” is “propaganda”. In May of last year, he had argued that Trump’s “call for Palestine to ‘reject hatred and terrorism’ is offensive.”

“We have allowed this nonviolent thing to become so normative that we’re undermining our own ability to resist in real robust ways,” he complained.

A month after the Pittsburgh massacre, Marc Lamont Hill addressed a UN event in support of the terror colonialists occupying parts of Israel, endorsed BDS, called for the destruction of Israel and justified the murder of Jews.

“We must recognize the right of an occupied people to defend themselves. We must prioritize peace, but we must not romanticize or fetishize it. We must promote nonviolence at every opportunity, but cannot endorse narrow politics that shames Palestinians for resisting,” Hill argued.

Media coverage of Hill’s firing however has failed to report on his remarks condoning anti-Semitic violence. 

The Wrap was the only media outlet to accurately report the Marc Lamont Hill story.

Politico’s Matthew Choi did an entire story, which gave Hill the last word, and failed to mention his support for the murder of Jews. The Washington Post’s Eli Rosenberg similarly spun this, refusing to report on Hill’s support for terrorism.

The Huffington Post allowed Yousef Munnayer to run a defense of Hill headlined, “CNN Fired Marc Lamont Hill For Saying Palestinians Deserve Equal Rights”. That’s after Verizon’s HuffPo repeatedly gave Hill a forum to spew his hatred.

The Forward, anti-Semitism’s useful idiots, claimed that Hill was fired for “Palestinian nationalist phrase”.

The Hollywood Report’s Jeremy Barr also refused to mention Hill’s comments about terrorism.

Hard left media outlets went even further.

Splinter’s Paul Blest claimed that the bigot was the victim. Glenn Greenwald of Iranian-Qatari propaganda site, The Intercept, refused to report on Hill’s support for violence, but instead claimed that he was the victim of an internet outrage mob.

Greenwald has his own history of supporting anti-Semitic Islamic terrorists. And that’s a major part of what The Intercept does.

The problem, as I write, is far bigger than Hill.