The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Medicare-For-All is a Scam

Medicare-for-All is how the left has been selling its universal health care pitch. 

Medicare already exists. And the left likes to slide in radical ideas that appear to piggyback on existing systems and institutions. And calling it Medicare-for-All suggests that everyone is going to get the level of care that Medicare recipients receive. 

Obviously that’s nonsense.

The reality of Medicare-for-All is that it wouldn’t even be Medicaid-for-All. 

The latest numbers show that Bernie’s Medicare-for-All would cost $32.6 trillion. Or a whole lot more money than we have. That’s usually been the case with statewide plans whether it’s in California, Colorado or Vermont. 

Bernie hasn’t bothered doing a serious analysis and has no idea of what it would cost. Except he insists that the numbers are all wrong.

Of course they are. 

We have no idea of what the real numbers are until we implement it. It was true for ObamaCare. Good luck getting a cost estimate as an individual patient. Now try getting a cost estimate for a vast interlocking network of bureaucracies whose relationships would baffle Al Capone.

But we can know two things.

1. It’ll cost a lot more than it’s supposed to cost because no plan to survives the first engagement with the enemy. And the enemy is the system and the government.

2. Cost reductions will be achieved by lowering payouts to providers and through limiting treatment to patients. These won’t reduce costs, but they will lead to death panels. If you wondered where the ‘kill the baby’ cases in the UK where coming from, that’s where. Euthanasia is the ultimate health care savings package. And plenty of facilities here are already on it. 

Medicare-for-All is a scam. It always was a scam. Like the rest of socialism. 

Every person can’t get a Ferrari. Or Medicare coverage. 

If we really wanted to do something like that, we would rebuild our charitable system from the ground up. We would stop sending money around the world and take care of people in this country. We would stop sinking money into failed welfare systems, into an educational system that exists to benefit unions, and we would tear the unions and the bureaucracy out of health care by the roots.

But that’s not happening. And the lefties making sure it won’t happen will promise the Brooklyn Bridge instead.