The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Mexico to Fight Illegal Immigration by Closing Guatemala Border

Most of the media coverage of the caravan missed the point.

It wasn’t about the midterms. It was a confrontation and a test of wills. The caravan backers expected to get through. And many of them did. But in the process, the confrontation between them and Trump seriously inconvenienced Mexico.

And Mexico is the illegal gateway to America.

Trump made illegal immigration from down south more of a problem for Mexico. And so Mexico, which has a much tougher immigration policy, responded appropriately. It doesn’t want a whole bunch of illegals hanging around its country any more than we do. 

The new administration has mobilized material and equipment to improve conditions at the migrants’ shelter in the northern border city of Tijuana, but problems continue because the Central American there are frustrated by the slow pace at which U.S. officials are processing asylum requests.

Sanchez Cordero said Mexico will promote a “Christmas at Home” campaign to encourage many of the migrants to return to their home countries for the holidays.

Discussing the entry of migrants, she said the new administration will end the practice of undocumented or illegal crossings over the Suchiate River, which marks much of the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

“In the south there will be only one entry, on the bridge,” she said. “Anyone who wants to enter illegally, we are going to say: ‘Get in line and you can enter our country.’”

“Get in line”.

Funny how that works.

When Mexicans realized that they might be stuck with illegal migrants, out came the red caps and the anti-migrant protests.