The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Migrant Children Die in Custody Because the Left Turned Kids Into a Ticket Into America

The one concept that the Left is absolutely incapable of grasping is the law of unintended consequences. 

The Left believes that things have to happen the way that their theories foresee. And it’s just a matter of leveraging their activism to implement the right policies.

Bad consequences are always someone else’s fault.


Illegal aliens are incentivized to bring children along as human shields and golden tickets into the country. Any efforts at preventing this are attacked as forms of monstrous cruelty and child abuse.

What sort of monster would want to prevent random men from invading the United States with small children in tow?

And so there we are.

Migrants trek through the desert bringing along small children. Under those conditions, some of those children will invariably die. This is the fault of the migrants, directly, but indirectly, it’s the fault of the lefties who incentivized this behavior, creating an attractive nuisance. 

But the media, which lobbied hard for just this outcome, is furiously attacking the border patrol  because two children died in their custody.

Because when lefties encourage illegal aliens to bring along children through the desert, under harsh conditions, it’s the border patrol’s fault.