The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Morsi Appoints Member of Al Qaeda Allied Group that Massacred European Tourists in Luxor, Governor of Luxor

Among the horrors, the marauders cut off the ears and noses of several of their victims. A note praising Islam was found inside one disemboweled body.

Last year Morsi freed one of the monsters behind the Luxor Massacre. Now he appointed another member of The Islamic Group as the Governor of Luxor. His plans for increasing tourism reportedly involve a massive ad campaign followed by a major massacre.

As they ran past a Japanese tourist, she said, one of the men fired into the woman’s face from a range of about 15 inches. The gunmen “took all the young women, the girls, and disappeared with them. I don’t know where they went with the women, but they hurt them. We could hear screams of pain,” Dousse said. Among the horrors, the marauders cut off the ears and noses of several of their victims. A note praising Islam was found inside one disemboweled body. The foreign dead included 31 Swiss, 10 Japanese, five Germans, four Britons one a child a Bulgarian, a Colombian and a French citizen. The Japanese victims were four newlywed couples and an elderly couple on their second honeymoon.

This is Morsi’s new Egypt. Take a long hard look at it. This is what Obama has brought to power.

A member of the movement whose gunmen killed 58 foreigners at a temple in Luxor in 1997 was sworn in by Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Monday as governor of the vital tourist region. Adel Mohamed al-Khayat, who now represents the Building and Development Party, political wing of the once violent al-Gamaa al-Islamiya movement ‘No to the terrorist governor!’ read one placard at a demonstration by dozens of tourism workers who protested outside the governor’s office in Luxor. Khayat, then in his mid-40s, was a leader of al-Gamaa al-Islamiya in another province when, on Nov. 17, 1997, six young men from the group shot their way into the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor’s Valley of the Queens. The attack was part of a broader campaign by the group, at that time linked to al Qaeda, to cripple tourism revenues for the government of then-president Hosni Mubarak. Of the 62 people killed in the next hour, 58 were foreign tourists, more than half of them Swiss and the rest Japanese, British, German and Colombian. The gunmen, reported to have trained at al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, committed suicide.

But I’m sure that Adel Mohamed al-Khayat has some great plans for increasing tourism.

In Luxor, where tourism dropped off sharply after the 1997 attack and has been hit again by the unrest before and since Mubarak’s fall, some of the protesters expressed concern that radical Islam could cause even further damage. The new governor’s party has called for a ban on alcohol and night clubs and wants visitors to cover up and not wear skimpy clothing. Khayat himself was quoted in one Egyptian newspaper on Monday as saying he would welcome ‘all forms of tourism’.

I just bet.

Witnesses told how the terrorists methodically executed the European tourists. Some were forced to kneel before being shot, while others were stabbed to death. Little Shaunnah, her mum and gran, all from Ripponden, West Yorks, died alongside fellow Brits George Wigham, 69, and wife Ivy, 71, of Swanley, Kent, and Londoner Sylvia Wilder, 26. Shaunnah’s dad Richard said after the horror: “In a crowd she would shine. She was really beautiful. She had an impish charm that could win anybody over.”