The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Muslim Man Arrested After Anti-Semitic Threats in Florida

Muslim immigration and anti-Semitic incidents continue to go hand-in-hand in America as in Europe. This is an issue that isn’t being addressed. Which means that we will keep seeing more incidents of harassment, intimidation, vandalism and then violence.

Officials are investigating several inquiries made against a South Florida man that claim he made alarming threats against the Aventura Jewish community.

On Dec. 4, Siddiqui deliberately knocked down and damaged a menorah in the lobby of a building, police said.

Many people in the greater Jewish community are on high alert after they said Nadim Siddiqui made threats at religious institutions and businesses in Aventura, and they want something to be done.

Aventura Police would not discuss the details of the cases involving Siddiqui but wrote in a statement to 7News, “We want to inform the public that the APD is working closely with religious institutions and businesses in our city to advise them of the evolving circumstances.”

Kosher Kingdom Supermarket along the 3000 block of Northwest 199th Street in Aventura has seen its fair share of threats, according to the manager.

The manager said Siddiqui walked inside and smashed a bottle of wine on Oct. 14. That incident was caught on surveillance.

He could be seen throwing the bottle to the ground before he walked away.

According to the Miami Herald, police arrested Siddiqui on Oct. 28 and charged him with criminal mischief and trespassing.

The news of Siddiqui’s arrest spread throughout the community and alarmed those that live there.

“I am a Jew, so it’s very complicated to see something like this,” Zafrani said.

The manager at the supermarket also said Siddiqui yelled anti-Semitic slurs outside the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center, which is just up the street from the store.