The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Muslim Migrants in Germany: "We’re No Longer Talking About Isolated Cases” of Violence Against Women

After Cologne, I doubt that Muslim migrant attacks on women could ever be considered isolated. But consider the source

“There are no young women here” for migrants like him, Susanne Schroter, director of the Global Islam Research Center at Goethe University in Frankfurt, said in an interview Saturday with the online magazine.

“We’re no longer talking about isolated cases” of violence against women, she said, adding that German society urgently needed to confront reality.

“I’m not making a blanket accusation against refugees, Arabic men or Muslims,“ Schroter said. “But we clearly are going through something I would call a culture clash.”

Many of these men believe that any woman who is not wearing a headscarf, who shows a bit of skin in the summertime, who drinks alcohol and smokes, is a “slut,” she said. That could mean anyone who is not an observant Muslim.

Yes, that’s an academic talking. It’s inconceivable in the United States, but when things get bad enough, certain conversations start happening.

In all fairness to Susanne, based on her publications, she’s addressing topics that no one outside the counterjihad talks about in the United States. It may not be what it should be, but try to imagine any of these titles even existing in one of the Islamic study centers at a major American university.

Islamism – The Unknown Enemy

The young wild ones of the ummah. Heroic gender constructs in jihadism

Bloodshed in the Month of Ramadan, or the Transnational Dimension of Jihadism

Here’s an excerpt from that last one.

Here in these parts, there is a tendency to attribute the radicalization of young Muslims to experiences of discrimination, Islamophobia, and socioeconomic marginalization. That is, the blame is not put on the perpetrators but on society. Viewed from a global perspective, the bloody Friday of the 2015 Ramadan shows that such patterns of explanation are at odds with reality

And clash of cultures is rather close to clash of civilizations.

But I will take issue with, “There are no young women here” for migrants.. Muslim rapes in the West often targeted women or girls who were friendly to them. At least to the extent of hanging out with them. And Muslim countries control women in part (this is not a justification, but a cultural problem dating back to Mohammed) because sexual harassment and abuse of unsecorted women is prevalent.

Tahrir Square provided plenty of examples.

They’re not unable to get a girlfriend. Treating women that way is a cultural pattern.