The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Never Trumpers Are Jumping the Shark

Max Boot has a Washington Post column titled, “Someone Please Pay Attention to Me”. Actually it’s titled, “I left the Republican Party.  Now I want Democrats to take over.”

Lest there be any doubt.

Boot is the latest of a series of Never Trumpers to pull this particular stunt. And this stunt is Peak Never Trump. Once you’ve pulled it, what else is there? 

The difference between these guys and Democrats was that they were in theory critics of Trump within the GOP. But once Boot, like George Will and a number of these other guys, officially defects, they lose much of their propaganda value. 

And then what? Spend the next 10 years writing about how they used to be right wingers but have changed? How much appetite for that shtick is there?

Once a Never Trumper puts out and issues a call for the destruction of the GOP, he’s given away the milk. Why keep buying the cow?