The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

New York Times Can't Stop Running Racist Editorials About "White People"

The old gray lady has a fever and the only cure is more racism. And more racist clickbait.

Last week it was Alexis Grenell’s unhinged Tumblr rant about white women making a blood pact with Republicans.  White Women, Come Get Your People”, was an actual New York Times headline.

“White women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain,” Grenell shrieked.

“Senator Collins subjected us to a slow funeral dirge about due process and some other nonsense I couldn’t even hear through my rage headache as she announced on Friday she would vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.”

The New York Times decided to double down on racism by now running, “The Senate: Affirmative Action For White People.”

Unlike Alexis Grenell, David Leonhardt isn’t functionally illiterate. Just historically illiterate in the usual lefty way of pretending not to understand what the “States” part of the United States means. And blaming it all on some racist conspiracy.

The biggest racial preferences in this country have nothing to do with college admissions or job offers. They have to do with political power. And they benefit white Americans, at the expense of black, Asian and Hispanic Americans. These racial preferences are the ones that dictate the makeup of the United States Senate.

The best way respond to this stupidly vomitous historical illiteracy is with the following YouTube clip.

Thanks to a combination of historical accident and racism, the Senate gives considerably more representation to white citizens than to dark-skinned ones. It allows a minority of Americans — white Americans — to wield the power of a majority.

That’s not a racial preference. 

Rhode Island isn’t a mostly white state with Dem senators who vote in lockstep with the left because of a racist conspiracy.

First, the states whose populations have grown the most over time, like California, Texas, Florida and New York, are racially diverse. By contrast, the smallest states, like Wyoming, Vermont, the Dakotas and Maine, tend to be overwhelmingly white. The Senate, as a result, gives far more special treatment to whites than it once did.

There’s nothing stopping black people from living in South Dakota or Vermont.

It’s time fix this inequity and to make Washington and Puerto Rico the 51st and 52nd states, with full representation in the Senate and the House. 

Washington D.C. isn’t a state. Puerto Rico is barely functional. 

How about we add states that aren’t dumpster fires just so Dems can elect themselves some more corrupt hacks?

Those four million American citizens deserve to be treated as American citizens.

The poor oppressed people of Washington D.C. aren’t being given passports?

I know that some Republicans will claim that adding two states is just a ploy to help the Democratic Party. But if the people of Washington and Puerto Rico want to be represented by Democrats, they should have that right.

And if the average Puerto Rican voted for conservative Republicans, the New York Times would be proposing nuclear tests.

If you think about the four youngest states — Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii — you may notice a pattern. Like Puerto Rico and Washington, they are home to a lot of nonwhite people, which is not a coincidence. This country has historically been slow to grant full enfranchisement to people with darker skin.

I hadn’t realized that Alaska was full of people with darker skin. Who knew?

 Try to imagine if the four million people who lacked Senate representation today were upper-middle-class white suburbanites. 

If the residents of D.C. want Senate representation, they should be joined with their fellow neighbors in Maryland. There, problem solved.

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