The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

New York Times: If You Care About Mollie Tibbets' Murder, You're Racist

It was politically incorrect to care about Mollie... It was a hate crime to mourn her. It was racist to care.

The New York Times, a paper which hired Sarah Jeong, an actual racist, decided to accuse Americans upset over the brutal murder of a young woman of racism.

The main reason that Mollie Tibbetts’s horrible killing has received so much attention is racism. Tibbetts’s accused murderer is a Mexican immigrant, and large segments of the conservative media, including talk radio and Fox News, like to call attention to crimes committed by people with dark skin. It’s silly to pretend otherwise.

That’s David Leonhardt  of the New York Times, complaining that, “The hoopla over her killing is a classic example of bigotry”.

Hoopla isn’t normally the word used to describe grief, shock and horror over the murder of a young woman. But the left dehumanizes people. It started dehumanizing Mollie the moment it realized that her killer wouldn’t be a local pig farmer, but an illegal alien.

And once that happened, it was politically incorrect to care about Mollie. 

It was a hate crime to mourn her. It was racist to care.

This is the nightmarish thing that the left does to the human soul. It provides pretexts for dehumanizing the victims of its policies. It treats empathy as a crime. As an act of hate. As a moral flaw.