The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

New York Times: Jim Acosta has First Amendment Right to Touch Women

After Hollywood, the mainstream media had the worst #MeToo record. Here’s another reminder of that as the media circles the wagons in defense of Jim Acosta’s ugly scene. It’s not news that CNN was bound to back Acosta. But the rest of the media decided that Acosta’s latest narcissistic tantrum was the hill to die on.

For the First Amendment.

As Times White House reporter Julie Davis tweeted on Thursday, “@Acosta’s behavior here, like it or not, does not disqualify him from the First Amendment-protected freedom to ask questions. Otherwise, how are we different from a place that has no freedom of the press at all?”

Yes, how we are different than North Korea?

If Jim Acosta loses his hard pass, we might as well be Turkey and lock up hundreds of journalists. It’s exactly the same thing.

The First Amendment is a protection, not an entitlement. It’s been misinterpreted that way leading to bizarre results. But it is certainly not a blank check for disruptive behavior and for touching a female intern.

There is no First Amendment right to disrupt press conferences or fight over a microphone with a female intern.

It’s not there.

The media thinks that any limit on the outer limits of its obnoxiousness makes us no different than Communist China. Meanwhile it defends actual totalitarian states.