The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

New York Times: Trump Won Because of Facebook, Regulate Facebook

I can never get enough of the media…

1. Posturing as defenders of the First Amendment against Trump

2. Demanding censorship of social media to stop Trump

This is one of the billion, “Regulate Facebook to censor political dissent” pieces that the media has been publishing in its echo chamber. (But don’t you dare claim that any Soros grantees played any role in the latest hit piece pushing this meme or in the organized campaign that quickly followed.)

But this rant is by Michelle Goldberg at the New York Times. Basically the Times’ version of Jennifer Rubin, albeit more hateful, whose rants usually sound like the hateful screeches of a cage full of parrots being dropped out of a window.

In other words, Goldberg makes Rubin seem readable. But like Rubin, the agenda is laughably obvious.

After blaming Facebook for everything from gang violence in Chicago to the deaths of Muslim terrorists, Goldberg writes, “Without Facebook, Donald Trump probably wouldn’t be president, which is reason enough to curse its existence… “

She returns to the theme that social media is evil because Trump won.

Now we’re nearing something close to a progressive consensus: Facebook is bad. The question, as always, is what is to be done.

What’s to be done is… regulation.

Threatening a company with regulation because your political opponent has used it successfully as a platform is a quite blatant attempt to use government power to silence political dissent.

And Goldberg makes few bones about her belief that she wants the media to have more dominance than social media because Trump performs better on social media than in communities controlled by the media.

Democracy dies in darkness, indeed.