The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Now the Left Opposes Free Lunches

They say, TAANSTAAFL or There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. But if there’s anything the left opposes, it’s free lunches. But your free lunches are supposed to come from the government. Not the private sector. So it’s time to ban free lunches.

Welcome to San Francisco, where straws are illegal, public defecation is legal and non-government free lunches may become illegal.

That’s why the city is considering new legislation to end free lunch, a now standard benefit provided by upstart tech companies in the Bay Area. The bill, introduced on Tuesday by San Francisco Supervisors Ahsha Safaí and Aaron Peskin, seeks to prohibit new companies from opening in-house cafeterias.

“We see thousands of employees in a block radius that don’t go out to lunch and don’t go out in support of restaurants every day, because they don’t have to,“ Ryan Corridor, owner of Corridor, a restaurant in downtown San Francisco, told CBS.

What happens if the employees choose not to go out to lunch anyway? Will there be a mandated government lunch? Will people be fined for not going out to lunch?

“Employees that never leave their offices is of little economic benefit to the city around them if their companies are not purchasing food from local businesses,” she said. “Restaurants and other small businesses, unlike global companies that have private cafeterias, are reliant upon generating all their revenue locally so actual foot traffic is crucial to their survival.”

Sure, they could offer better lunch values. But why bother? Just have the government deprive other people of food so that they’re forced to come to you.

This is the left in a nutshell.