The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Now Mueller Wants to Classify Part of Manafort Trial

Mueller’s approach has been to classify everything and then leak selectively. We’ve seen this same tactic being employed by the FBI leadership.

This entire investigation has been a series of efforts to keep everything secret while implying the very worst. And now Mueller Inc. would like to extend that to what is supposed to be a public trial.

Special counsel Robert Mueller made an unusual request Thursday to keep a Trump campaign-related portion of Paul Manafort’s trial confidential because it uncovered “substantive evidence” relating to the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The evidence was revealed during a private discussion between federal Virginia Judge T.S. Ellis and lawyers representing Manafort and his former associate Rick Gates, Mueller charged in a filing.

You know which kind of government conducts secret trials and uses secret evidence? A police state.