The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Obama Judge Illegally Blocks Keystone Pipeline

Here we go again.

What was once unthinkable is now a routine spectacle as Obama and Clinton judges block a presidential move because they claim that the things they wanted considered, weren’t.

A federal judge blocked the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline Thursday, saying the Trump administration’s justification for approving it last year was incomplete.

Judge Brian Morris’ ruling repeatedly faulted the Trump administration for reversing former President Obama’s 2015 denial of the pipeline permit without proper explanation. He said the State Department “simply discarded” climate change concerns related to the project.

Morris is an Obama appointee. Obviously.

So he’s illegally blocking a policy that resulted from an election while protecting his boss’ own illegal move.

In rejecting the permit, Morris relied mainly on arguing that State, the agency that analyzed the project, didn’t properly account for factors such as low oil prices, the cumulative impacts of greenhouse gases from Keystone and the Alberta Clipper pipeline and the risk of oil spills.

And the price of tea in China.

The State Department decides what it should consider. If Federal judges can set State Department, then the judiciary is in control of the executive branch. Except now that we have judges trying to set immigration numbers, then they can also set State Department agendas.  

The judge also said that State didn’t properly justify its switch from rejecting the pipeline in 2015 under the Obama administration to approving it in 2017 under Trump.

There was an election. The voters chose an administration that would approve Keystone as opposed to one that would block it.

Judge Brian Morris has an issue with democracy.