The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Obama to Push Trump-Bashing Series for Netflix

If you still have a Netflix subscription, you must really enjoy higher fees and excellent original Netflix content like the family unfriendly reboot of Anne of Green Gables, that movie where Will Smith is in Lord of the Rings and the LAPD, and the best Obama political propaganda that your money can buy.

Deadline has learned that Michael Lewis’ latest book The Fifth Risk has been acquired by Barack and Michelle Obama under their Netflix production deal for a possible series aimed to help people better understand the inner workings of the government.

The Fifth Risk, which hit shelves on Oct. 2 from W.W. Norton, follows the chaos and mismanagement that ensued in the departments of Energy, Agriculture and Commerce in the handoff from President Barack Obama to President Donald Trump. Lewis spoke with a number of federal workers from the Obama administration who worked in the Departments of Energy, Agriculture and Commerce. The previous administration created briefing books for the next staff, but those who showed up on behalf of the new administration were greatly unqualified and far and few between.

So Netflix would potentially air a movie produced by Barack Obama based on attacks on the Trump administration from Obama’s cronies. This isn’t just a huge conflict of interest. It’s also propaganda paid for by your Netflix subscription fees.

But you probably can’t wait for the sequel to that Will Smith LAPD/Lord of the Rings movie. Or to see what social justice and sexual references Netflix will shoehorn into their Narnia adaptations.