The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Only 5% of Dems #BelieveAllWomen When They Accuse a Dem

#BelieveAllWomen? Not so much.

Two women have accused Keith Ellison, the No. 2 man at the DNC and Dem candidate for AG in Minnesota, of abuse. How do the Dems in Minnesota feel about it?

However, the poll asks voters about their views on the abuse allegation made against Ellison by his ex-girlfiend, Karen Monahan.

When asked, “Do you believe her allegation, or not?” 21% of voters say they believe her while 22% say they don’t. 57% of likely voters say they aren’t sure.

But when that question is broken down by party, the numbers take sharp turns.

42% of Republicans say they believe Monahan while 15% don’t and 43% aren’t sure. Among Democrats, only 5% believe his accuser while 30% dismiss the allegation. 65% of Democrats aren’t sure. There’s nearly an even amount of Independent voters who believe or don’t believe Monahan (20%-19%) while 61% are uncertain.


So much for #BelieveAllWomen.

It’s not surprising that the response to the allegations break down along partisan lines. They often do. That’s why the media’s claims that Republicans don’t believe women are nonsense and lies.

What the media really means is #BelieveAllLefties.