The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

"Pathological Liar" Bernie Sanders Accuses Trump of Lying

1 percenter socialist and pathological liar Bernie Sanders accuses President Trump of being a “pathological liar”.

Senator Sanders, who had falsely accused Israel of killing 10,000 people in Gaza, who lied about the cost of his policies, lied about Russian trolls, claimed that Trump is a “pathological liar” who “works night and day on behalf of his fellow billionaires.”

Sanders is understandably jealous having just made it into the millionaires club.

The Senator from Vermont, who became a millionaire by pushing radical divisive policies, then claimed that Trump is for, “cheap political reasons is trying to divide us up.”

Sanders not only divided Democrats, for his own cheap political reasons, he continues to divide Americans by pushing a discredited 19th century economic theory that has caused the death of millions. 

Despite preaching socialism for others, and suggesting that people have too many varieties of deodorant and would be better off with bread lines, Sanders has three homes.

Despite attacking the so-called 1 percent, Sanders is a member. And he became a member by pushing cheap, divisive politics.

The pathological liar from Vermont has exploited identity politics to divide us, reversing his old positions on immigration, on the Bill of Rights, and launching smears against Israel, and other popular lefty targets to make money. Meanwhile his Sanders Institute continues to employ his wife and stepkids, proving that Senator Sanders has no ethics, no shame and that his self-dealing has no limits.