The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

PEAK WOKE: Lesbian Batwoman Actress Being Harassed For Insufficient 'Lesbianness'

The identity politics revolution is going as expected.

Once you start harassing actors and actresses for playing roles outside their identity group, then you start applying obsessive identity purity tests to the actors playing the proliferating number of identity politics roles. And that brings us to Batwoman, a failed DC Comics character, who was relaunched a while back in a comic book no one reads as a red-haired Jewish lesbian.

Did I mention no one reads it?

But the CW, which exists to sell creams to pimple faced millennials, and whose programming slate depends on DC comics and veterans of a sex cult, decided to launch Batwoman. They cast a lesbian actress in the part (well aware of the backlash that would follow if she wasn’t.) But too bad. The actress isn’t lesbian enough. She’s gender fluid. Or something. And she’s not a Jewish lesbian. So unleash the woke dogs.

And thus we get a story titled, “Inside the Left-Wing Harassment Campaign Against Ruby Rose’s Lesbian Batwoman”.

To avoid offending the lefty crazies, 90 percent of it is about how white male Star Wars fans are racist for hating the latest pile of Disney garbage and how it’s President Trump’s fault that the feminist Ghostbusters reboot failed.

But then we get this. 

Meanwhile, the Twitter hashtag #RecastBatwoman is still going strong. Recurring sentiments appear to be that Batwoman should be played by a Jewish lesbian, and that the role would have been a great opportunity to elevate new talent. Sample tweets include, “Ruby is great… But she is not the only queer actress out there” and “JEWISH LESBIAN CHARACTER SHOULD BE PLAYED BY A JEWISH LESBIAN.”

The more specific identity politics gets, the tougher the purity tests become. Meanwhile the top Tweet complaining about “Ruby, a non-jewish person, stole a role from actual jewish actresses” identifies as a Filipino lesbian, because American popular culture is now a strange joke.