The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

"People Are Going to Die" Because of Trump, Says Guy Behind Iran Deal

The only people dying because of President Trump are Islamic terrorists. But people are dying every day because of John Kerry.

They’re dying in Iran. They’re dying in Israel. They’re dying in Asia and Latin America.

But here’s John Kerry, trying to advance his hopeless prospect of windsurfing to the White House in 2020.

“I feel better than a lot of people think”, because Trump cannot affect the 194 countries still “doing Paris”, or even the 38 US states (plus Washington DC) committed to renewable energy portfolios regardless of the president’s edicts. The Iran deal is wounded, but still exists, he says. “In fact France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China all met few weeks ago in New York with the foreign minister of Iran, to talk about how to keep the deal moving forward.”

Surely he is angry, though? “You know what I’m angry about? People are going to die because of the decision Donald Trump made.”

It’s a pity that Trump hasn’t been making responsible decisions like John Kerry. If only Trump had shipped a fortune in cash to Iran.