The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Planned Parenthood Mistreated Pregnant Employees

A militant abortion organization discriminating against pregnant women?

Next thing you’ll tell me that the KKK doesn’t offer good working conditions for black people and that joining ISIS when you’re gay, doesn’t pay.

Planned Parenthood, despite its name, is not exactly a fan of children. Unless they can be chopped up and resold for parts. So mistreating employees who are pregnant would be second nature. The only surprise is that the New York Times ran this story.

The New York Times interviewed more than a dozen current and former employees who said Planned Parenthood often discriminated against pregnant workers.

And paid maternity leave appears to be something the abortion giant publicly lobbies for but privately does not give its own employees. An exception is its posh Manhattan headquarters where its executives make six-figure salaries. There, Planned Parenthood employees get six weeks of paid parental leave, according to the report. Otherwise, only six of Planned Parenthood’s 55 regional offices provide paid maternity leave, the report continues.

“It was looked down upon for you to get pregnant,” said Carolina Delgado, a former employee of Planned Parenthood in Miami, Florida. “I don’t think that any supervisor had to literally say it for us to feel it.”

In interviews and legal documents, women at Planned Parenthood and other organizations with a feminist bent described discrimination that violated federal or state laws — managers considering pregnancy in hiring decisions, for example, or denying rest breaks recommended by a doctor.

In other cases, the bias was more subtle. Many women said they were afraid to announce a pregnancy at work, sensing they would be seen as abandoning their colleagues.

Some of those employers saw accommodating expecting mothers as expensive and inconvenient. 

Planned Parenthood is a terrible place for pregnant women to work. But there’s an obvious contradiction in being pregnant and working at Planned Parenthood.

But, to be fair, PP is a terrible place to work. Period.

So are most lefty non-profits. Unless you’re at the top of the food chain, working at a lefty non-profit means that the bosses will squeeze as much free work as they can out of you. If you’re a woman, you will be sexually harassed by the leadership. If you’re a man, you’ll be intimidated and threatened, especially if you come across misconduct. And you can be abruptly fired and blacklisted for complaining about any of it.

Or just for the hell of it.

Some of the worst living bosses today, by the accounts of their employees, are…

1. Ralph Nader

2. Michael Moore

3. Bernie Sanders

Socialism is feudalism.