The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

PLO: Iran is Financing the Hamas Violent Riots

This was already widely presumed to be the case. 

Hamas is largely funded by Iran and Qatar. (The two terror states are strategic allies.) But Qatar hasn’t directed Hamas’ military operations. Nor is it really in need of a way to strike out at Israel without risking an escalation in Syria or Lebanon that it can’t control. 

But here’s confirmation. 

The Palestinian Authority confirmed in a conversation with a French government official that Iran has been financing the riots on the Gaza border with Israel.

“Iran is fully financing and pushing the Hamas demonstrations,” the Palestinian ambassador to France told a government official last month, Israel’s Channel 10 reported on Tuesday evening.

The PLO is playing its usual game of publicly supporting Hamas while privately undermining the Muslim Brotherhood terror group while positioning itself, again privately, as a more moderate alternative.

That said, there’s no reason to believe the PLO is lying about the origins of that funding.