The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

PLO: Opposing Our Murder of Jews is Racist

If Zionism is racism, as the left insisted, then murdering Jews is the ultimate act of anti-racism. Only Nazis and other racists would oppose the murder of Jews.

Just ask the PLO, SJP or JVP.

The PLO has been using the foreign aid provided by the United States to pay Islamic terrorists who kill or try to kill Israelis. According to the PLO and the Koran, murdering Jews is a fundamental right. And when Israel tried to crack down on payments to terrorists, it was accused of racism. (via Palestinian Media Watch

PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs Director Issa Karake:

“[Israel] wants to define the Palestinian people’s entire struggle as a “crime” and those who have resisted the occupation as ‘criminals.’ This is the resistance of our Palestinian people, which is guaranteed by the international and humanitarian laws” 

I’m unclear on which humanitarian laws protect the right to stab Rabbis in synagogues, slash pregnant women or fire anti-tank missiles at school buses.

PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs:

“The PA [will] not submit to racist laws like these, whose goal is to prevent the Palestinian people’s legitimate resistance”

There you have it. Preventing Muslim terrorists from killing Jews is racist. And somewhere Farrakhan. Tamika Mallory and Shaun King are nodding their heads in approval.