The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Reminder: Obama Went Through 4 Secretaries of Defense

The media is losing its mind over the Mattis resignation while treating the departure of one defense secretary as an unmitigated crisis.

Barack Hussein Obama went through 4 secretaries of defense. (Not to mention multiple commanders who were forced out.) Three of his secretaries of defense, Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel left and were harshly critical of him.

Obama then not only tried to intimidate Ash Carter, the last man to take the job, into quitting, but actually tried to get a Republican congress to allow him to bypass his own SOD.

And the media underreported these bizarre antics and Obama’s generally bad relationship with him.) 

The major SOD story, that Chuck Hagel and Ash Carter were both browbeaten by Obama’s people (and Hagel was forced out) for delaying the release of dangerous terrorists from Gitmo was also buried.

But now, Trump has lost one SOD after two years. And that’s a major story. But that’s about how long Obama’s SOD appointees lasted. 

It’s okay though. If the media didn’t have double standards, it wouldn’t have any standards.