The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

The Rushed Mueller Investigation is Already Falling Apart

The Mueller investigation/coup reminds me of the Japanese tactics in WW2. 

Throw everything you have. Go all in. Don’t bother with a backup plan. Just count on overrunning the enemy. 

It looks good until you start hitting snags. And the Mueller campaign to turn a Clinton campaign conspiracy theory into a series of convictions is hitting snags, even as it’s managed to browbeat a bunch of shady characters to the point of being willing to say anything that Trump’s Democrat opponents want them to.

Mueller’s team is known for aggressive tactics that backfire on closer scrutiny. And as Sara Carter notes, the scrutiny is coming.

A federal judge overseeing the case of Former National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is demanding to see the FBI’s first interviews with the retired three-star general after explosive information contained in a sentencing memo released Tuesday night revealed that senior FBI leadership suggested he not have a lawyer present, nor warn him that his interview was subject to penalties if he failed to provide all the answers, according to the 178 page Defendants memorandum submitted to the court.

FBI Supervisory Agent Jeff Danik told Sullivan must also request all the communications between the two agents, as well as their supervisors around the August 2017 time-frame in order to get a complete and accurate picture of what transpired. Danik, who is an expert in FBI policy, says it is imperative that Sullivan also request “the workflow chart, which would show one-hundred percent, when the 302s were created when they were sent to a supervisor and who approved them.”

“The bureau policy – the absolute FBI policy – is that the notes must be placed in the system in a 1-A file within five days of the interview,” said Danik, who added that handwritten notes get placed into the FBI Sentinel System, which is the FBI’s main record keeping system. “Anything beyond five business days is a problem, eight months is a disaster.”

“In a case of this magnitude there is no question what is going on,” said Danik. “These agents went in the White House and had a case with a possible witness of his stature and didn’t write it up until almost eight months later? That is is unconscionable – it’s not fair to the defendant and absolutely goes against FBI policy.”

All this isn’t really a problem for Team Coup, because the Mueller witch hunt isn’t a real investigation. It’s a campaign to strong arm Trump associates and associates of his associates into being willing to say absolutely anything they’re told to say as fodder for impeaching Trump and for harassing him and reducing his ability to govern.

In this regard, it’s working quite well.

The nuts and bolts will come off the clown car, but by then it will have accomplished many of its goals. No matter how dirty it had to play.

A political pressure campaign with actual raids disguised as a counterintelligence investigation, that instead keeps spinning off new ways for Democrats to harass a sitting administration, while trying to validate a conspiracy theory created by a former British intel agent, allegedly with the use of Russian help, ordered by the Clinton campaign in a bid to challenge the results of the 2016 election, while the Obama DOJ used it to spy on its political opposition.

It’s a strange animal indeed.