The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Socialist Blames High Voter Turnout for Defeat

Cynthia Nixon’s campaign is flaming out as gracefully as it began.

Progressive activist Cynthia Nixon on Thursday night lamented high voter turnout as a result of spending from her opponent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), who easily defeated her in the state’s Democratic gubernatorial primary.

And she would have gotten away with it too… if it hadn’t been for the high voter turnout.

“The result of this unconscionable influx in spending is that turnout is extremely high throughout the state today,” Nixon’s team wrote in the memo. “This is likely due to two factors: tens of millions of dollars in advertisements from Andrew Cuomo pushing voters to the polls; and a desire on the part of prime Democratic voters to send a message to [President] Trump for the first time since his election.”

And apparently even #resistance voters drew the line at voting for a lefty clown like Nixon who lost badly in New York City (though lefty Twitter kept screaming about voter suppression at the polls) while Nixon’s campaign blamed voter suppression… upstate.

“[P]olling places were open for fewer hours in many upstate counties than in New York City and its suburbs today. Cynthia routinely polled higher in upstate, while Cuomo’s strength was in the counties where polls were open before work. Finally, there have been rampant reports today that many voters in Cynthia’s base neighborhoods (eg, Brownstone Brooklyn) were unable to vote in their polling locations,” the memo reads.

It’s a conspiracy.

Hipsters in “Brownstone Brooklyn” didn’t manage to cast their vote for Cynthia Nixon, but black voters had no trouble voting for Cuomo. A few upstate areas, the only ones that were Nixon territory, were suppressed. 

Jill Stein needs to start fundraising for a Cynthia Nixon recount.