The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Soda-Obsessed Mayor of Illiterate City to Convene Climate Change Summit in World's Rape Capital

Mayor Michael Bloomberg will convene a summit of city mayors to battle Climate Change in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is known as the rape capital of the world.

80 percent of New York City high school students seem to have some trouble reading, but Mayor Bloomberg has no time for them. He’s too busy dealing with serious issues, like soda sizes, gun control in Illinois and the impending destruction of the planet.

A summit of city mayors will convene in February of next year in Johannesburg, to discuss ways to fight global climate change. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who serves as chairman of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, said, “Cities around the world… are taking meaningful actions that have quantifiable outcomes…  we are having a real impact combating the impacts of global climate change.”

Johannesburg is known as the rape capital of the world. 1 in 4 South African men have admitted to raping women and a 17-year-old South African girl recently died after a gang rape, without garnering the same attention as the rape case in India, because everyone expects it there. All this should make the Olympics pretty horrible and suggests that Johannesburg might have better priorities than Al Gore’s quest to block out the sun. Fortunately Bloomberg is not going to let any of this stop him. And so the mayors of cities struggling with major social problems are going to convene a summit in the world’s rape capital to battle a problem that doesn’t exist, while ignoring all the huge and horrifying problems that do exist. But that’s the whole point of Global Warming/Climate Change/Doom of Doom. Manufacturing a fake crisis doesn’t just mean big bucks for Green slush funds, like the one Obama Inc. is now trying to set up, it’s also a way for corrupt politicians to ignore real problems while focusing on fake problems that they create and control.