The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Son of Mailman Would "Prefer" to Run as Republican Against Trump

When you’re the son of a mailman, party preference is just that. A preference.

Outgoing Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Thursday that he’d prefer to run for president as a Republican, but only if he’s entering a primary he could win.

That’s the problem.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Kasich acknowledged he probably couldn’t defeat President Donald Trump if the election were held today.

Or ever.

Every single Republican elected official would have to be abducted by aliens for Kasich to have a shot. And even then, he would probably lose to Jeff Flake.

He says he’s seriously considering his options and letting his advisers monitor the daily troubles Trump is facing, including talk of impeachment.

The son of a mailman needs advisers to watch CNN for him?

“If you’re going to run as a Republican you have to have a sense that if you get into primaries you can win. Right now, probably couldn’t win,” he told the AP. “But that’s today. It’s ever changing.”

“Yes. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.”

“If you’re not around the hoop, you can’t get a rebound,” Kasich said. “So we’re hanging around the hoop, and we’re very serious about this. How would we not be?”

“It’s not like I wouldn’t do it,” he said of a potential run. “You can’t be afraid to do it.”

Chauncey Gardiner couldn’t get a rebound if it landed on his head.