The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

"Technological Slave", Who Claimed Obama as Witness, Shot in FOX Break-In

According to what appears to be his Facebook page, George Odemns was born as a “technological slave”.

My name George Lee Odemns III who was born into slavery as a technological slave starting in 1980 in which I would work for all government entities without knowledge, consent nor compensation. I only interact with the entities computer/ Super computer and not with employees nor citizens of any country. I am working on getting free at the moment, I tried to file some civil cases at DC Superior Court last year but they all were dismissed for lack of stating a claim. I also understand that some other people may or still are in the same situation but was compensated for their work and I haven’t. I also literally slave for other entities throughout the world unconsentual nor compensation and never been at none of the entities nor no anyone who works for the corporation. When are you all going to do your job of which has been assigned and prosecute these malicious individuals. I have multiple witness including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Sonia Sotomayor, Sandra Day O’Conner and plenty more who collects data from I and gain a financial profit off the same collected data. Its an illegal satellite on my roof it is believe to belong to FCC and a some microchips that have been implanted without consent nor knowledge so I can continue to be the literal successful slave that I am.

You may laugh, but he still makes more sense than Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee or the New York Times coverage of Russiagate. When all the left does is churn out crazy conspiracy theories, George III doesn’t even stand out all that much.

The Russians putting a microchip in Trump’s head as part of a plot to bring back slavery will probably show up on Maddow’s next show.

Water finds its own level, and so does crazy.

A security guard for Fox affiliate WTTG in Washington, D.C. shot an intruder Monday who tried to get into the news station, police said.

The guard shot the man — identified by the news station as 38-year-old George Odemns — inside the building’s lobby, according to Fox 5. Police arrived just after 3 p.m. ET.

The suspect, who was reportedly unarmed during the encounter, was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Surveillance video released by the station showed the suspect kicking in two glass doors. Police said the guard responded by shooting the man once in the torso.

His lawsuit based on this will truly be something.

As far as politics go, crazy doesn’t necessarily have politics, but the majority of his ‘witnesses’  were on the left. I suspect he’s not a Republican.