The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

There's No Reason for Us To Be In Syria

Why, to put it bluntly, are we in Syria?

We don’t have a plan aside from occasionally bombing ISIS. And that’s fine. But we shouldn’t have deployment without a plan. It costs lives and wastes resources. And we’re doing too much of that already.

Trump’s pullout is practical. We came, we sent a message, we left. And unless we have a clear objective that doesn’t involve fantasy multi-ethnic nation building, we’re right to leave.

That’s an effective use of force. It conserves our resources, limits the strain on military personnel and gives us the flexibility to respond without being tied down.

The loudest voices opposing this are the same ones who pushed the Iranian-Qatari resolution on Yemen and who keep wailing about Jamal Khashoggi. And that tells you why they want us in Syria. They want to help the Muslim Brotherhood win.

That’s a wonderful reason to withdraw and leave Graham, Corker and the rest of the Brotherhood GOP lobby sputtering with impotent rage.