The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Trump Killed the New York Daily News

The sale of the New York Daily News for a dollar isn’t the death of the sleazy leftist tabloid. It died a while back. 

Today, the Daily News is best known for its trolling front pages. That and bizarre trolling hate pieces from a staff of repurposed and unqualified trash like Linda Stasi, a former Post movie critic turned hate spewing bigot, and sportswriter Mike Lupica, trying to churn out political commentary.

Stasi summoned a boycott of the already failing paper when she blamed one of the victims of the Muslim terror attack in San Bernardino because he was a Republican. Lupica has no idea when the Constitution was written.

The Daily News had once been a powerhouse. But as the end approached, it lacked any actual talent. And Linda Stasi and Mike Lupica’s rage tantrums, the trolling covers, couldn’t compensate.

Like Newsweek, it sold for a buck, and like Newsweek it tried to survive on trolling covers.

And then there was the structural problem.

The Daily News was a tabloid. Tabloids play to the working class. But as the Dems became a leftist elite, they no longer spoke the same language. And the Daily News was out to sea.

The previous editor, Jim Rich, had been resisting pressure from management to soften the Trump covers, people familiar with the matter said. He was told they were diminishing an already much diminished print subscriber base, these people said, particularly among blue-collar readers in certain corners of New York’s outer boroughs, where Trump’s nationalistic populism apparently resonates in a way that is anathema to the city’s cosmopolitan districts and immigrant enclaves…

Now, many News staffers and alumni feel like the air has been sucked out of the room, and they are perhaps coming to terms with the notion that Trump is more popular with segments of their readership than they thought, even in deep blue New York.

The Daily News had no base left. Its hate covers were popular with progs who didn’t buy or read the paper. And so here we are. And the decline of the left-wing dead tree media rolls on.