The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Trump's Answers to Mueller Already Leaked to CNN

I forget which media outlet famously described the Mueller investigation as “leak proof”.

Of course if it were leak-proof, the media would have spent the past months demanding Mueller’s head. The promise that Mueller will lock up Trump and overturn their 2016 humiliation is the only thing keeping the media afloat as bitter resistance lefties eat up their conspiracy theories with a silver spoon.

So it should be no surprise that CNN claims to have some of Trump’s answers to Mueller. Of course it does.

Leaking is the swamp’s bread and butter. And running leaks is how the media keeps from being plowed under in the content wars.

The Mueller investigation serves two purposes. It helps the Left in its campaign to take over the government. And it keeps Jim Acosta from having to sell fake Rolex watches on a street corner.