The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

UN to Fight ISIS With Selfies

However many hundreds of millions of dollars we’re spending on the United Nations, it’s not enough. Just think of what the most useless and obnoxious organization on earth that doesn’t have a donkey as its logo could accomplish if it had even more money? 

Like a global selfie. 

To date over 65 million people have been displaced due to global violence and political unrest and 26,000 medical, aid workers and civilians have been killed in 2017 alone. This year marks World Humanitarian Day’s 15th anniversary (August 19) - a day that helps bring awareness and hopefully change to ending the rise of these numbers.

If there’s anything that can stop ISIS and other Islamic terrorists… it’s awareness. 

And the more hollow and useless the “awareness”, the better. At least as far as making someone think that the UN is doing something by enabling them to take earnest selfies.

The United Nations are launching the first ever of its kind live global selfie petition – an act that allows mankind to face world leaders to say “civilians are #notatarget,”to help show support of their world-wide campaign efforts.

Assad and Kim are really shaking in their boots now. How will they ever resist the might of slacktivism and selfies?

The United Nations is engaging people of all ages this year via “slacktivism,” allowing anyone to engage via social media and innovative technology. The petition can be signed without a pen, by simply taking a selfie that will appear live on a 3D sculpture available at the United Nations office in New York.

Starting the week of August 13th people around the world can take selfies at, which are converted into 3D digital sculptures and shared to Facebook using a new feature that allows spinnable 3D objects to live in your feed. The 3D faces become “signatures” which are added to the first ever living petition.

So this is a plan to spam Facebook with junk promoting the UN while accomplishing absolutely nothing? Give them another hundred million taxpayer dollars.