The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

UN/Islam's Latest Censorship Push Accuses Facebook of Genocide

The left has only one mode, one objective and one watchword. Bad faith totalitarianism. Outrage is used to manufacture pretexts for depriving people of their basic rights while turning over absolute power to the left. Rinse, repeat until everyone is dead.

The left has been pushing Facebook censorship aggressively for the last few years.

Its latest pretext is Muslim violence against Hindus and Buddhists in Myanmar, accompanied by UN claims that the Muslim Rohingya colonists are the victims of “genocide”.

And that Facebook can be put on trial for failing to censor any views dissenting from the UN.

The United Nations has warned Facebook that it risks being dragged into international war crimes trials for its role in future human rights violations, as it called on the social network to address hate speech more quickly.

Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein, the UN’s human rights chief, said the company risked becoming an accessory to horrific crimes and that the company had not taken violence in Burma incited on the social network seriously.

Al-Hussein is a Jordanian Muslim prince. The idea of a royal from a country with little in the way of human rights supervising human rights is almost as much of a joke as Al Jazeera, an operation of the Qatari royals, being treated as a legitimate independent media outlet.

It comes after a UN report into atrocities in Burma this week said Facebook had been “a useful instrument for those seeking to spread hate”.

Speaking in Geneva, Mr Al-Hussein said Facebook risked being subpoenaed in future trials “of those accused of the worst crimes” if it did not learn its lesson from the violence.

“We felt early on very uncomfortable with what we were seeing in Myanmar, (but) in the early meetings that we had with Facebook, I didn’t think they were taking it seriously,” Mr Al-Hussein said. “Hopefully they’ve now awoken.”

He added that “their role would be brought into question” in other cases “where Facebook is the dominant medium in a country where you see a deterioration of human rights conditions”.

“They have to be sure that they know where they are and what side of the law they are on.”

Mr Al-Hussein suggested that Facebook should be regulated by international human rights law, instead of by national governments.

If the US is on top of things, it needs to make it very clear that American companies are not subject to “international human rights law” and will not be threatened with it for failing to censor online content. The next step will be to push censorship of Mohammed cartoons and anything else that offends Islamic theocracy while threatening international trials of any company that does not comply.