The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Vigils Won't Stop Murderous Anti-Semitism, Guns Will

That’s the message of Doris Wise, the founder and leader of Jews Can Shoot.

Jews Can Shoot is a Jewish 2nd Amendment civil rights group. And after the Pittsburgh shooting, and the rising anti-Semitism on the alt-left and the alt-right, its message is more relevant than ever.

“With all due respect, singing songs, lighting candles and posting the phrase “Never Again”, regardless of the number of exclamation points, is not going to stop anyone from killing Jews,” Wise writes in the latest JCS newsletter.

“Fear of being shot by armed Jews. That’s what will stop them.”

:We have a duty and an obligation to do everything we can and must to protect ourselves. The absurd belief that we can eliminate bad people with bad intentions is beyond stupid. Learn to protect yourself. Self-defense is a God-given right. Here in America – all of America – we have the very good fortune to have the Second Amendment. Honor it, yourselves and all good people by making use of it,” Wise posted on Facebook.

In this interview on NRA TV, Doris Wise discusses the Jewish approach to armed self-defense.