The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Washington Post Publishes Op-Ed by Iranian Terror Group That Calls for "Death to America"

The Washington Post has been howling about Trump’s collusion. But in the Khashoggi case, it was the Washington Post that appeared to be colluding with an old friend of Osama bin Laden’s whose terror support and anti-Semitism were quite blatant.

But now the Washington Post is really letting its Jihad freak flag fly.

The Washington Post was criticized over the weekend for running an oped by Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi rebellion in Yemen. The slogan of the Houthi rebels is “death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews, victory to Islam.”

Summer Nasser, a New York-based Yemeni activist, expressed shock in a series of tweets. “How can The Washington Post allow a Houthi that kills thousands of Yemenites and silences journalists by killing them, to write an Oped-Ed?”

… the Houthi slogan, which is openly antisemitic. “Death to Israel, Curse the Jews” make up the slogan chanted at Houthi rallies, printed on official flags and even on student cards at the university. 

Now the Washington Post can change its slogan from, “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to  “Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse the Jews, Victory to Islam.”

What say you, Marty and Fred?