The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

We Don't Have a "Zero Tolerance" Policy for Illegal Migration

The fake news media spent the past week screeching that we have a policy of “separating families” at the border. And that this is a “zero tolerance” policy.


The only policy we have is arresting people who cross the border illegally. 

That’s it.

If they have kids, then like every other criminal with kids, they’re separated from their criminal parents. Because we don’t send children to prison for the crimes of their parents.

That’s not zero tolerance.

That is the minimum we could do to enforce the law. Anything less than that is open borders. That’s what Obama did. If you wanted to cross the border, you did. And the patrol would help you out. 

1. There’s no policy of “separating families”. There’s a policy of arresting migrants who illegally cross the border.

2. That’s not zero tolerance. It’s the most basic law of the land. 

If we had zero tolerance for illegal migration…

A. There would be a wall on the border

B. We would pull out of the UN refugee pact and stop accepting asylum applications at the border. (Any of these aliens who actually wanted to apply for asylum, just has to walk up to a border crossing and apply. They’re detained if they cross illegally instead. That means they’re not even pretending to be refugees, they’re illegal invaders.)

C. Every single illegal alien in this country, DACA or non-DACA, would be a pathway to deportation. There would be no such thing as celebrity illegal aliens. Illegal aliens wouldn’t give speech at college graduations, run for political office, appear on TV or hold major protests.

That would be zero tolerance for illegal migration. We don’t have anything remotely resembling that.

Instead all we’re doing is enforcing the law, as it existed before Obama decided to ignore it. That’s what the media is throwing its outraged hissy fit about. Much of this political war, everything from Federal judges assigning executive and legislative authority to themselves, the Mueller coup and the illegal eavesdropping on an incoming administration, has been about preserving the Obama status quo.

The media will tell any lie. It will divide us, pit us against each other and run a nationwide propaganda campaign to keep Obama in power by protecting his policies..