The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION: Bernie Sanders Got Scammed Out a Lot of George Soros' Money

It’s a sad day in the great socialist pyramid of lefty scams that is the Sanderverse as the scammers got scammed by scammers.

The political nonprofit launched by Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016 lost nearly a quarter-million dollars to an email scam that year, according to new tax documents obtained by POLITICO.

Our Revolution “was the victim of a Business E-Mail Compromise scam that took place in December 2016 but was not discovered until January 2017, resulting in the loss of approximately $242,000 via an electronic transfer of funds to an overseas account,” the group disclosed in its tax forms covering the year 2017, which were filed earlier this month.

“Our Revolution worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Our Revolution’s counsel and an independent cyber-security consultant in an effort to identify the thieves and to recover the funds but, unfortunately, these efforts were unsuccessful.”

Just think of it as wealth redistribution in the scamverse because Our Revolution is a dubious dark money group.

Our Revolution self-publishes donor names (but not amounts) on its website, though it has not updated that section of the site since the first quarter of 2018.

The group raised $3.42 million in 2016, after its founding in July of that year, and raised $3.45 million in 2017, mostly from small online contributions. Our Revolution spent nearly $3.2 million in 2017, including over $1 million on salaries, over $489,000 on grants to other organizations and $258,000 on digital messaging.

By far the biggest contribution, $100,000, came from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, another D.C.-based progressive nonprofit, according to that group’s tax filings.

See if you can guess who’s behind the “Fund”? Just a guy who had the most exciting time in his life during the Holocaust.

You’ve got George Soros‘ Open Society Policy Center funding the likes of Sixteen Thirty Fund, and then this Sixteen Thirty Fund, as the Daily Caller initially reported, siphoning off money to a group called Demand Justice aimed at stopping Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The ties are tough to discern — but they’re there.

Here’s how it’s all linked: Tax filings from Soros’ Open Society Policy Centershow tens of thousands of dollars have been granted to the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a 501©4 initiative that provides money for left-leaning social and environmental issues. In 2015 tax filings, for instance, the Soros OSPC revealed it funneled $550,000 to the Sixteen Thirty Fund — an amount that put this initiative at the top 10 of OSPC contributions that year. 

I don’t think George Soros will be very happy with Bernie. The Left’s own James Bond villain doesn’t seem as if he would tolerate blatant incompetence in his minions. This isn’t some Stalinist kibbutz Bernie, you’ve gotta watch the money. You can employ every one of your wife’s relatives, and buy yourself a third house, but Soros didn’t terrorize the financial markets just to have his pockets picked by some kiddies in an internet cafe.

Bernie ought to watch out for that third house. There might be a horse’s head in it one of these days. 

The Bernie Revolution is a big part of the Great Bernie Scam.

In April, Bernie Sanders only managed to raise $25.8 million. But in March, he had taken in $46 million. Those average $27 donations had added up to quite a lot. Though March, Sanders had blown through $166 million in campaign cash. And much of that money went into the pockets of major Democratic industry firms that excelled at parting foolish leftists from their money. 

The Sanders campaign wasn’t the hippie grassroots operation it pretended to be. Instead it was a huge business whose CEO went on flying private jets even while laying off campaign workers left and right. Or as his campaign dubbed it, in terms that Wall Street would have approved of, “right-sizing”.

While Bernie prattled on about revolution, that mass of $27 donations was finding its way into the pockets of senior Gore, Kerry and Obamastrategists from the Democratic Party. Behind the Bernie brand, the money was going to the usual suspects in the Democratic Party’s campaign establishment.  

And despite all its angry flailing about Wall Street bonuses, the Sanders campaign did not cap the commissions of its consultants. 

Even Hillary Clinton, whose campaign was one big conflict of interest, had done that.

When Revolution came on board, it was with boasts of raising $3 million in four days. Its founder declared, “We were looking for a candidate with a track record of doing the right thing - even if it meant taking on Wall Street billionaires and other powerful interests.” 

And they had been looking for that candidate anywhere they could. Before Bernie, Revolution had been trying to get Elizabeth Warren to run with the Run Warren Run campaign. 

What we think of now as the Bernie Sanders campaign needed a candidate who would open up left-wing wallets. Hillary Clinton was the perfect foil against which to run a doomed, but very profitable, progressive campaign. When Elizabeth Warren proved too savvy to be roped in, Bernie Sanders was the next best thing. And Bernie, with no commission cap and hipster appeal, brought in the big bucks.

Sorry George. You should have remembered how Socialism works.