The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

While Dems Ranted About Kavanaugh, They Reelected a Senate Minority Leader Accused of Domestic Violence

And no, we’re not talking about Keith Ellison here. This one’s up in New Hampshire. Had a Republican Senate Minority leader in any state been charged with domestic violence, you would have heard about it and still be hearing about it. 

But it’s okay. He’s a Democrat.

A New Hampshire state senator who is facing domestic violence allegations has been re-elected.

Democratic State Sen. Jeff Woodburn, of Whitefield, had no opponent on Tuesday’s primary election ballot, but a Randolph woman had launched a write-in campaign for the seat representing a portion of New Hampshire’s North Country.

Woodburn was charged last month with simple assault, domestic violence, criminal mischief and trespassing. After the charges were announced, Woodburn suspended his campaign and stepped aside from his role as Senate minority leader.

But the Dems chose him again. Even though his trial is set for December.

Despite a string of domestic violence charges against the North Country’s sole senator, the Coos County Democratic Committee will not be asking Sen. Jeff Woodburn to resign, the group announced Sunday.

After a closed-to-press meeting in Gorham on Friday evening, the county party decided not to call for Woodburn to step down and not recommend a write-in candidate to challenge him in the primary.

“No one present supported calling for the Senator’s resignation,” acting county party Chairman Theodore Bosen said in a news release Sunday evening.

On Aug. 2, Woodburn, 53, was arrested by Concord police and charged by the New Hampshire attorney general’s office with nine domestic-violence-related charges – including four counts of simple assault – against an “intimate partner.” The state Department of Justice said the behavior spanned back a year and Woodburn said he plans to contest the charges in court.

And the same folks going after Kavanaugh, kept mum.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony was detailed, emotional and credible. I believe her. ‪#BelieveSurvivors‪,”  Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said in a tweet after Ford testified.  “Thank you, Dr. Ford. Your bravery and poise as you told your story have touched millions across this country. I hear you and I believe you,” tweeted Sen. Maggie Hassan.

Democratic candidate for Governor Molly Kelly didn’t even wait for Dr. Ford to testify: “Even before we heard Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s courageous testimony, I believed her,” Kelly said. “I believe women. I will listen to women. And I will stand with women every single day as Governor.”

But when photos were released Tuesday of the bite marks left by their fellow Democrat State Senator Jeff Woodburn in an assault on his partner right here in New Hampshire, these same politicians said…nothing.

The newly-released court documents show disturbing photo evidence of Woodburn’s alleged abuse, as well as diary entries confirming the incidents. If fact, Sen. Woodburn isn’t denying the violence but instead claiming he committed it in self-defense.

And it’s not just politicians. Questions are being raised over partisan attacks from the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence against Judge Kavanaugh, while the organization has been relatively quiet on the case of Democrat Jeff Woodburn.

NHCADSV has released a formal statement in support of Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser (“It is with a sense of civic duty and reverence for the Supreme Court that Dr. Blasey Ford has so courageously come forward”) and praised Democrat—and potential 2020 presidential candidate—Sen. Cory Booker. At the same time, they’ve filled their Twitter feed with political commentary and attacks on President Trump and the GOP-led Senate Judiciary Committee.

There is currently no formal statement on their website regarding the Woodburn case, even in the wake of the disturbing new revelations

#BelieveAllWomen? Nope.