The PointBy Daniel Greenfield

Why Can't the Media Call Julia Salazar a Liar?

The media has made much of calling President Trump a liar. But it can’t quite get around to calling its lefty allies, liars.

Take Julia Salazar, the DSA candidate for State Senate in New York who claimed to be Jewish, an immigrant and working class.

Multiple investigative pieces, with quotes from her brother and mother, show that she was zero out of three. But the media goes to great lengths to whitewash her lies and to avoid calling her a liar.

Take this Vox piece by Zack Beauchamp, “I immigrated to this country with my family when I was very little,” she said at one campaign stop. “My family immigrated to the US from Colombia when I was a baby,” she said in an interview with Jacobin magazine. Those statements imply that she was born in Colombia, which is not true.”

No, they don’t imply it. They state it.

“I immigrated to this country,” does not imply anything. It states it pretty clearly.

Julia Salazar was born in Miami, When she claimed to have immigrated to this country when she was very little, she lied.

It’s that simple.

Salazar’s mother was Italian-American and their family hardly spent any time in Colombia. The media has been forced to question her story, but it never says it straight out. The media’s refusal to call Julia Salazar a liar while shouting that Trump is a liar is indicative of its agenda. It doesn’t believe in honesty or integrity, but in covering for its own.

Here’s Zach at Vox again, “I’m not saying Julia is, in fact, lying. It’s clear she’s made some misstatements, and that those misstatements tend to run in the direction of giving her a more compelling personal story. But on the core issues of fact — how much time their family spent in Colombia, what the Salazars’ household income was — the reporting so far isn’t thorough enough to prove Julia wrong and Alex right (or vice versa).”

There just isn’t enough reporting to determine whether a woman who claimed to be an immigrant despite being born in Miami is wrong.

Instead she made “misstatements”. 

This is #6192 why no one trusts the media.